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Krzysztof Syrek

Online Marketing Consultant

Online marketing is about sales and new technologies. Today it is designing user experience, customer experience, sales funnels. Web analytics and business analytics are crucial for online marketing. We need to permanently be focused on details and also see everything from above. We need do change our activities sometimes even every day.

How you doin’? I mean is your online marketing wealthy?

I’m digital native. I can check for you status of your on line and digital marketing activities. I’m keen on marketing automation and web design. Also I love to work on search engine advertising and social media advertising. If you are looking for experienced digital consultant and strategy consultant, I think I can help you.

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“Professional in every way and a very creative mind. Cooperation with him on the Polish Design Island project in Szczecin was a pure pleasure. Certainly with Krzysztof, we will meet more than once in the Mobile Institute of Culture.”

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Marketing Automation
Web Design
E-mail marketing
Trainings and audits

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