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How to manage online marketing budget?

Hi! Do you plan and review your online marketing budget? I decided that this resource will be very helpful for you. Your work with online marketing budget will be much clearer. You will have better overview to analyze your budget and your campaigns performance.

We (online and digital marketers) work with the budget throughout the year. Sometimes we plan ad hoc campaigns with realtime marketing. But altogether we work with strictly planned and organized campaigns. Today I am giving you two resources. You can copy these files and in addition modify them as desired.

1. The first file is a dataset prepared in Google Sheets. It is a batch data file, which will then be used in Google Data Studio reports. Here you can download or copy this template

2. The second file is a dashboard prepared in Google Data Studio. After importing the source file from Google Sheets. Feel free to copy / download / modify / use. The files are now connected – if you copy these files and modify them at your own discretion, as the result the connection process will have to be carried out again. But the structure is ready, so it will not be difficult. And the Google Data Studio file you can find here: template.

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Krzysztof Syrek

Krzysztof Syrek

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