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How to manage online marketing team? – free resources

Today I have prepared for you the basic configuration of the Trello board. Thanks to it, managing your online marketing team will be much easier. Below you will find templates for two tables. One to manage daily tasks within the team. The second board for managing online campaigns.

As a digital marketing consultant, I often have to work with multiple teams and manage multiple campaigns. I know that it is very important to systematize all incoming information.

Then, appropriate management of the information received. That’s why I have prepared for you two configurations of tables in Trello, thanks to which your productivity and order at work can be gained.

I have already put a few sample cards just to provide a review. I encourage you to copy and use them on your own:

Everyday: Everyday tasks of the team
Online campaigns: Managing online campaigns

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Krzysztof Syrek

Krzysztof Syrek

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